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This statement explains how privacy is being maintained by Bioenvision AS as a maintainer of personal data.

Electronic services

By using our electronical solutions, we want the user to feel confident that current laws and regulations as well as ethical guidelines for our industry are being followed. At users can submit forms via support or via contact forms. All form information is handled in accordance with laws and regulations and is not passed on to third parties without the consent of the user. The form information is stored on’s server and Bioenvision’s data storage system. If the user wants an overview of data stored or wants data deleted, the user contacts Bioenvision AS.

Privacy act

This privacy statement complies with the requirements of the The Personal Data Act.

Encryption / secure line

All information transferred between your computer and our server is encrypted.


Retrieved from National Communications Authority

Cookies can be:

  • Session dependent or fixed cookies
  • First or third-party cookies

Session-dependent information capsule / session cookies

Session cookies is deleted when you close your browser. These are used, among other things, to register a user on the page and the choices the user makes.

Fixed cookies / persistent cookies

These are not deleted after the end of the session. Fixed cookies can typically contain authentication information, language settings and menu preferences. This means that future visits to the website will be faster and more customized for the user. Most fixed cookies have an expiration date where they are automatically deleted after a certain period.

Third-party cookies

This is a cookie (fixed or session-dependent) set by someone other than the user of the site the user is visiting. Typically, these can be ads and advertising banners on online newspapers, etc.

According to the Electronic Communications Act (Electronic Communications Act), all visitors to a website using cookies must have access to information that the site uses cookies. They must also have access to information on why they are being used. Visitors must also approve the use of cookies. The approval is done through the settings in the browser.

Read more about cookies on


You can delete cookies that you have previously accepted at any time, but they will only be deleted on the current browser you are on. You must therefore remember that, if you use multiple browsers, you must delete cookies on all of them.


Cookies at

When you use the website, your browser leaves electronic traces and information. The information is used to improve the content of the website. The privacy statement tells you what is collected and how we use the information.

The information the cookies collect we use to optimize the user experience for the visitors to the pages. The information is only used internally, and with partners who work on web development for us.


These are cookies that are required for some of the features of the website.

PHPSESSIDbioenvision.noUsed to temporarily store information. For example, the info on a form before it is sent. No personal information is stored or shared via this cookie.Session

Statistics / analysis

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that collects data and statistics about website visitors. We use Google Analytics to get an overview of what kind of posts that are the most popular, which ones that are not visited a lot and how many visitors we have on our site.

_ga (x2)
Used to temporarily store information. For example, the info on a form before it is sent. No personal information is stored or shared via this cookie.Session
_gidbioenvision.noDetects a unique ID that is used to generate statistics on how the user uses the website24 hours
_gatbioenvision.noUsed to increase request rate1 minute


Some of YouTube’s cookies are linked to our website because we implement YouTube videos to They record anonymous statistical data such as how many times the video is viewed. No sensitive data is collected unless you are logged into a google account, in which case your choices will be linked to that account, for example if you click “like” on a video.

Read more about cookies from youtube on google’s privacy pages.

NAME:SUPPLIERPURPOSEEXPIRATION DATE a unique ID used by Google to provide statistics on how the user views / uses YouTube videos across different websites.8 months to estimate the user’s bandwidth on pages with embedded YouTube videos.8 months a unique ID to keep track of which YouTube videos the user has viewed.Session part of youtube’s cookies used to register and customize content16 months
.youtube.comUsed by google to protect against attacks.16 months
.youtube.comA part of youtube’s cookies used to register and customize content6 months


Cookies placed here are cookies we are about to classify together with the suppliers.

CONSENT.gstatic.comUnclassified20 years


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