Changing company name – Introducing Bioenvision Technology AS!

Bioenvision Technology AS

Introducing Bioenvision Technology AS! 

– We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our sustainable company’s journey. Funzionano AS, a subsidiary of Bioenvision AS, has undergone a transformative change and is now known as Bioenvision Technology AS. This strategic name change perfectly aligns with our unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and our vision for a greener and sustainable future, promiting better health and healthier environment.

The transition to Bioenvision Technology AS reflects our commitment to driving positive change in the world by providing eco-friendly alternatives and sustainable solutions.

Bioenvision Technology AS actively focuses on providing eco-friendly alternatives and sustainable solutions, reflecting our dedication to driving positive change. We derived our new name, “Bioenvision,” by combining two powerful words: “bio” and “envision”.

In the Greek lanuguage, “bio” translates to “life”, which symbolizes our emphasis on green and natural solutions. It represents our steadfast commitment to environmentally friendly practices and sustainable principles. The word “envision” signifies our forward-thinking apprach and our ambitious vision for the future. At Bioenvision Technology AS, we strive to create innovative technologies and solutions that meet the evolving needs of industries, all while promoting a greener and more sustainable world.

While our legal name has changed, our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions remains stronger than ever. Under our established brand names, D-PYRE® and FunzioNano®, we will continue to develop green and sustainable solutions.

Bioenvision Technology AS embodies our core values of environmental consciousness, technological advancement, and a sustainable future. As a deep-tech company, we specialize in providing green and sustainable flame-retardant solutions for various industries, including Automotive, Construction, and household appliances. Our expertise lies in developing films, tapes, and molded articles using acrylics, PP, and PU materials.

Our transition to Bioenvision Technology AS underlines our commitment to driving positive change in the world by offering eco-friendly alternatives and sustainable solutions. We firmly believe that technology can revolutionize industries while minimizing their environmental impact.

What does this mean for you?

Rest assured, it’s business as usual. Our dedicated team will continue delivering the same sustainable service and products. Our rebranding represents an evolution of our identity, highlighting our continuous growth and determination to provide innovative solutions.

You will soon notice the changes reflected in our new logo on our webpage, presentations, and other materials. Although our signed documents, such as contracts and NDAs, bear the previous company name, rest assured that they remain valid as Bioenvision Technology AS and the previous company are one and the same. Our new name, Bioenvision Technology AS, positions us even more effectively to embody our aspirations and values, empowering us to make an even greater and more sustainable impact on the world together.

We are excited about the future that lies ahead as Bioenvision Technology AS.