New developments at the Fire Resistance Conference

Bioenvision’s Darya Zeini presented on the Fire Retardants in Plastics Conference in Cologne

-The 17th Fire Resistance in Plastics Conference 2022 took place in Cologne, Germany on the 28th to 30th of November. Our main goal was to present our sustainable and green flame retardant solution D-PYRE® for better health and environment and its new developments at the Fire Retardants Conference.

Great fun and great feedback on our D-PYRE® development!”

Darya Zeine, R & D Manager

The conference brought together participants from all over Europe including participants from Middle East, Asia and America. All mainly industry and R&D specialists (flame retardant, synergist and polymer producers, compounders and masterbatchers, plastics formulation and application advisors and equipment manufacturers). This Conference is the only flame-retardant industry conference in Europe, and a unique networking tool.

Green flame retardants

We were present with a team consisting of Sissel Bjørge, Darya Zeini, Morten Eikenes and Espen Solberg. Darya, one of the conference speakers, presented Bioenvision’s recent R&D developments for POSS FR synergists (polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane). These are used as synergists (at < 1% loading) to improve char quality (silicon ceramification), accelerate char formation, and increase ignition time. The organic group on POSS enables tailoring for specific polymer, either as reactive or additive. In addition to demonstrated use in Polyurethane foams and thermoplastics (such as polypropylene and PVC), recent trials have shown effectiveness in adhesives. More tests are also in progress together with a PhD student from Czech Republic to investigate the efficiency in epoxy resins.

High-tech POSS additives

We work to bring insight about our high-tech POSS additives into the global fire-retardant market in several material areas. Together with our partners, we are on our way to replace hazardous and environmentally harmful chemicals with green and sustainable flame retardant solutions to protect life of young and old, properties and environment. In the Fire Summit new results in PU and PP, as well as the influence of the POSS additives in adhesives were well received. Targeting the global market of flame retardants and the goal of non-toxicity in the fire retardant-segment is an important element in order to contribute to a more healthier world. We find flame retardants all around us, in for example furnitures, cars, cables and construction materials. The purpose of flame retardants are imperative, but it must be linked with non-toxic raw materials and an increase propability to reuse producst.

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